time when I still was not open to the Earth

time when I still was not open to the Earth, human way.
Milk and ruin are gathered together.

Zkaot said: ' play. Like the bashk kilometer!

Divangi ran into my eye let you qabolah: Yeah!

Because someone did not want to follow the divangi all agreed.

His eyes closed and the divangi begin to enumerate:

Everyone is looking for the kilometer instead.

Grooming herself to put the Horn of the moon.

Betrayal of himself hidden inside the piles of trash.

Went to cloud and originality.

Desire to be the center of the Earth.

The lies that you told to the depths of the deep sea will to koir.

Inside a red potato flavor.

Envy is deep inside a went well.

Calm and quiet all kilometer

Divangi haftado haftado still ٬ already: ...

But love was still linger and didn't know where to go.

Not surprisingly, as well. Kilometer up love very hard.

Divangi number 100 was close to the syntax section is a bunch of love went quiet in the middle of the rose leaks.

Divangi: miam I shout. Miam I. ..

The first work the same lazy. Laziness was not trying at all to kilometer.

After the cleaning. Email summary of the times. But love was not news.

The other was that tired divangi hasodesh jealousy and love, "he said softly in the ear where the rose is hiding.

Divangi with many a flower from the tree branch of the emotion and all the power into it with roses.

The voice is a loud whine.

Love from inside branches outside its hand in front جملات زیبا of his was taken and blood between morphological angeshtansh.

The blind eyes of love shaka.

Tresidah divangi was very ashamed with that said

Now what I جملات عاشقانه do? How do I remedy?

Love is not answered important business you like another nemitoni Iran Web just n Please this my next yar.

Be my quick links everywhere to make up the lost the way.

And the same day to always love and divangi along one to feel all the people love the road. ..

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