When love is blind man

Says paints the face of the head

Color face his inner aching love well said. When you see something associated with her lover , a lover transmit images to the brain , where it is analyzed . The brain then sends signals to the blood vessels relax the muscles that cause them. Capillaries thus expanded , more blood starts to flow , resulting in a red case .

Sweating palms is another Tvjhknndh gain points . Messages to the brain, especially in the armpits and palms sweat glands produce more sweat to send . These actions , according to Christie Zandr doctor , dermatologist , mental stimulation time when feelings are common .

When love is blind man 's eyespayam-lovely

Oldest believed that love is blind man , apparently not without wisdom . Scientific studies have shown that the human eye really love the lover closes shortcomings .

Team doctor Andreas Bartlz found that when people who are in love , the neural circuits that normally seen with a critical assessment of relevant others are disabled .

" Love lasts three years. "

Those who love the taste Chshydhand know that at this stage the hectic , time is limited .

Doctor Helen Fisher , anthropologist and ethnic Americans, who referred to him as one of the most renowned scholars have called the phenomenon of love in the world , along with colleagues Arthur Aron and Lucy Brown, long ago concluded that feel " crazy love " just average 7 months. After this time, the high and low hormone Rftnhay slowly decreases. Consequently, the period begins with the powerful bond between man and woman and they enter into relation with each other . At this time your normal hormones have not yet active but not like before .lovee

It takes a woman to become pregnant , give birth and the baby's basic needs.

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